Tausch means "exchange" in German.
TauschBloc is a commercial data exchange platform where the consumers, online shopping malls, and brand all participate.


AIR Platform
& One Mall
Consists of One Mall and AIR Platform that act as an interface connecting each user with TauschBloc.
TUD(Tausch User Data)
Tausch Server consists of the user big data generated from Tausch user data activities and user analysis algorithm developed by machine learning.
TUC(Tausch user Coin)
TauschBloc is the key component that records and saves information related to TUC onto the distributed ledger and conducts smart contract.

Core component that creates offline data exchange values, AIR Platform is an application that can manage IoT devices (e.g. kiosks, DIDs, tablets, etc.) distributed across the shopping mall. Depending on the user account's authorization, the control authorization for the IoT device connected to the AIR Platform network changes, and the user can decide which contents and schedule to display. Shopping malls and brands (shops) will be the main users of the AIR Platform.
01 Conducts the function of TauschBloc's wallet application
02 Collects shopping mall's user behavior pattern and uploads it to the Tausch user big data server

03 Target advertisement connecting IoT devices with One Mall users
Core component that creates online data exchange values, it is a TauschBloc wallet that works on the user's mobile device and an application that combines global online shopping mall information.
TUC User Wallet
Cryptocurrency of TauschBloc
Providing Online Tausch User Big Data
Custom advertisement using TUD (Tausch User Data)
Content Partners
Airport and Organization
SI Developer
Global Online Shopping Mall
Advertisement Partners
Category TUC Share
Total Issued 5,000,000,000 100%
Token Sales 1,250,000,000 25%
Infra structure 500,000,000 10%
User Growth Pool 1,250,000,000 25%
Marketing 500,000,000 10%
Partners Affiliation 750,000,000 15%
Team & Advisor 250,000,000 5%
Reserve 500,000,000 10%
Token Sales :
Raised fund would be used to develop the core platform of TauschBloc, build ecosystem and improve partners program and performance of offline shopping mall IoT Devices.
Infra Structure :
After building the Platform, it will be used to improve platform by offering various contents, payment system and etc.
User Growth Pool :
After building the Platform, it will be used to compensate users who have participated and contributed to the ecosystem for the TauschBloc ecosystem cycle
Marketing :
Used for raising the value and awareness of TauschBloc and securing new and local users starting from Korea and Singapore to Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and the rest of Asia, North America, and Europe.
Partners Affiliation :
Distributed to service provider of Platform for improve the user services and expand the network of Tausch ecosystem
Team & Advisor :
Distributed to member of TauschBloc project and Advisor. There will be locked in period of 1 year after Token sales.
Reserve :
Kept as reserve to operate and maintain the TauschBloc

2018 2Q ~ 4Q

Plan TauschBloc and Road Map

Produce White paper

Team building

Plan & Design OneMall


2019 1Q ~ 2Q

Publication of ERC 20 based Tuc token

1st Korean exchange listing

2nd Korean exchange listing

Affiliated with Korean partner 'elTOV' and secure shopping mall infrastructure

Development of 'OneMall' 1.0

2019 3Q ~ 4Q

Expasion of China infrastructure & partner

Expasion of HongKong infrastructure & partner

Expansion of Global Infrastructure & partner

Development of 'OneMall' 1.0


2020 1Q ~ 2Q

Develop OneMall 1.0 Beta

- Define function

- Architecture design

- UX/UI design

- Develop function

2020 3Q ~ 4Q

Affiliated with Korean offline shopping malls

OneMall 1.0 Service Update

- Build support team

- User test

- Feedback and debugging

- Survice update


2021 1Q ~ 4Q

Affilliated with Southeast Aisa offline shopping mall

Affilliated with China/Hongkong/Japan offline shopping mall

OneMall 1.0 upgrade

- Content update

- Survice update

Michael Cha
TauschBloc Foundation COO
2007~2013 BBQ Chicken Asia Pacific (Regional HQ) Managing Director
2001~2007 GAP International (Regional HQ)
1994 ~ 2001 E-Land Headquarters Market Research Team & E-Land Group Roem Business Headquarters
(Seoul National University) Forest resource management
Kevin Phua
TauschBloc Foundation CSO
CTO / Tee International Ltd.
2015~2017 CEO / CMC Infocomm Ltd.
2012~2015 Executive Director / Tee International Ltd.
2005~2012 CEO / Nexfrontier Solutions Pte. Ltd.
National University of Singapore / Master of Science
Nanyang Technological University / Electrical Engineering
Jihoon Kim
TauschBloc Foundation CTO
2010 ~ 2013 LG U+ / Network Headquarters
2010 ~ 2013 LG Powercomm / Planning and Construction of broadband internet network
2000 ~ 2006 LG Dacom Metro IP Network Planning and Design
1999 ~ 2000 LG Electronic PC business division
(University of Seoul) Electronic engineering
Ilkwon Jung
Technical specialist
General Manager of Shopping Mall IoT integrated Platform Project ‘AIR’
Project Leader of Social Tree at Changi Airport
2007 ~ 2008 Unetware Ltd. R&D Team Leader
2003 ~ 2006 NRDsoft Ltd. R&D Team Leader
Kwangwoon University Control measurement engineering
YoungTae Im
Chief of R&D
2006 Troject Ltd. Director
2005 Baejae University, PhD
JunHo Cho
Technical & Planning specialist
Planning Manager of Shopping Mall IoT integrated Platform Project ‘AIR’
Project manager of Social Tree at Changi Airport
2006 ~ 2008 Acidcrebiz R&D Dept.
Myongji University Computer engineering
Jinhee Kim
UI/UX Design &planning specialist
Proejct Manager of Capitaland Group Shopping mall interactive system
UI/UX Design Creator of changi jewel mall, Funan mall and Botanic garden
2015 ~ 2016 elTOV Ltd., Planning Dept. Section chief
Kookmin University, Visual Communication
Minyoung Kim
Planning specialist
Shinsegae,Lotte,Hyndai department information kiosk Planning
Chosun University, English Linguistics
Sem Yun
Branding Designer
UI/UX Design Creator of Capitaland,FEO information kiosk
MyoungJi University, Video Design
Changju Ahn
Professor of Suwon University
2016 enslpartners, Partner
2015 enslpartenrs, CFO
2011 Nextconvergence , CEO
2009 TG Computer, CEO
2008 TG Service, CEO
Jodi Junan
Co-founder and Chief Software Engineer / MoolahgoPte Ltd.
Software and cloud development Specialist
Developer of fintech system for money transfer and currency exchange
University of Melbourne, Australia / Computer Science
Pilyong Ahn
LG CNS BlockChain Develope Team Leader
Business administration PhD